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From a young married couple in 2009 with five beautiful kids and an adorable yorkie, to now pursuing our passion in wedding photography & videography since 2014, our journey has been nothing short of amazing. Dee followed his dreams in business while Kyra earned her Masters in Education, but somehow we found our way into the world of capturing love stories through film.

Working together as a married couple has been a blessing, as we get to witness and document the most precious moments of people's lives. Our oldest son recently joined our dynamic duo adding a touch of extra creativity and passion to our team.  And now, we are thrilled to own our very own photography studio! 

This new chapter in our lives allows us to expand our creative horizons and offer even more services to our incredible clients. We are beyond grateful for the support and trust you have shown us throughout the years, and we can't wait to continue capturing your special moments with our unique touch.


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